Who is Peter Mangiola, RN?

As a health professional for over three decades, Peter Mangiola has been a tireless advocate for people at the various phases of their lives.

Peter Mangiola is a medical professional, speaker, and health advocate whose career has spanned four decades. He is passionate about providing the tools necessary to live a productive active life.Peter understands the importance of having a responsive health network available from personal experience.

When he was seven years old, he was nearly killed by an automobile. The accident left him with a severely shattered leg which he nearly lost as a result.
Peter attributes his emergence from this trauma with his life and limbs directly to his knowledgeable and competent medical personnel.

Peter’s first-hand the challenges from that event and the changes and struggles that followed to help to mold his mission in life: to help others in the same way that he was helped. Since that time, he has worked to inspire many people to go beyond the boundaries of what is possible in their own lives.

When Peter is not sharing his inspiring message of hope, he works as trauma expert in one of Philadelphia’s emergency rooms.
It is his passion to serve people, medical professionals and care givers live with less stress.

He gives keynote addresses and hosts workshops for corporations, governmental agencies and health care organizations.

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